GOG Story

In late 2007, four women sat down over a glass of wine (actually, no one really knows exactly how much wine) to discuss the current state of networking. It wasn’t to complain, but rather to get a feel for what they liked and didn’t like about their existing networking options and what has worked and hasn’t worked for them in their networking endeavors.

They quickly realized that they were all in agreement that as women, they weren’t big fans of “rules and restrictions”; they felt as though there was power in women helping women to be successful; and they disliked paying for something they didn’t use.

From these epiphanies, they then ventured onto the topic of “The Good Ol’ Boys”. (You know… that “unwritten”, “unspoken” yet very real “club” that has existed since the dawn of time.) So, the GOBs get together to take a crack at driving a little white ball down a long green stretch of grass and then kick back together over a scotch, beer or other social beverage to chat and “bond” and build relationships. Inevitably, those relationships turned into business. Why? Because they LIKED each other.

So, the women came to the conclusion that… “If it worked for the Good Ol’ Boys, then we can do it BETTER!” And so, the Good Ol’ Gals were formed with the motto, “Together We’re Better!”.

To be a “gal” (we don’t use the term “member” since there are no dues), all you have to do is show up to a meeting. As an “inclusive” group, there can be more than one gal from each category/industry which expands your resource pool and allows you to do business with or refer to someone that you connect with and like. (Remember, people do business with people they LIKE 🙂 ).

We invite you to join us at one of our upcoming meetings to get the full “GOG Experience” that may just be a little different than anything you’ve experienced in the world of networking before.