Carlsbad GOG Moves to New Location After 7 Years

On Monday, December 29th 2014, we received the sad news that Bellefleur Winery and Restaurant was closing its doors for good. We received this news with a heavy heart as this was our very first location, our very first meeting and the place where those 4 women we talk about in the GOG Story first came up with the concept of Good Ol’ Gals. We have been so blessed to have been at this location since 2007 and to have worked with so many wonderful people there including and especially, Heather, the event coordinator at Bellefleur.

Thankful to have been given quite a bit of notice, we began looking at and visiting other locations in Carlsbad as nearby to our original location as possible. I felt like Goldilocks: this one’s room is too small; this one can’t accommodate last minute registrations and walk-ins; that one is way too big; this one has limited parking; that one is too far from the highway… and then, there was one that I thought would be juuuust right. One that is new to town, one that has a great story behind it, one that recognized the value of community and mutual support of local business, one that is only approx. 1/4 mile from our original location…. I’m pleased to announce that GOG Carlsbad will now meet at The Green Dragon Tavern & Museum!

Rich in history, this location opened just over a year ago on the property where the old Hadley’s Orchard building had sat empty for years and years. It is a sister establishment to the original Green Dragon Tavern in Boston where the revolutionaries are said to have gathered to plan events that would eventually shape our great nation to this day. Right off the Palomar Airport exit from I-5 on Paseo del Norte and boasting ample parking, The Green Dragon has turned out to be the perfect location to continue our GOGs journey.

And just then, when we didn’t think it could be any more perfect, there was more good news… remember I mentioned the awesome gal Heather who took such good care of us at Bellefleur? Well, guess who is the new event coordinator at The Green Dragon?!? Yep! Heather! How awesome, huh?