GOG Video Update – July 17, 2020

In this video…

  • COVID + Social gathering update for GOGs
  • Info on GOG Gala – www.GOGGala.com
  • Our July meeting online (see below also)
  • New offerings and enhancements for our organization! (Shop GOG, Brand Refresh, Web Update, New GEAR… and you get to weigh in!)


As of Friday, July 17th, we are still in a bit of a holding pattern. .. the GOG Gala is currently scheduled for Friday August 28th and we are leaving that as is for the next week or two. If you have already registered for the Gala, and we find it prudent to postpone it, your registration will transfer to whatever future date it will be held. If you are not yet registered for it, it is highly recommend that you do as soon as possible. Because of limited seating at this first meeting back for our organization and having 30% of the seats already taken, if you intend to attend whether it be in August, later in the fall, or even early 2021, securing your seat now will ensure that you can participate in what is sure to be quite the extravaganza!

And remember we do have a guarantee… if two weeks prior to the event, on whatever date it is actually held , you feel that you would prefer not to attend directly due to your personal situation as it relates to covid-19 , we will transfer your registration to another date or issue you a full refund. We do anticipate a waiting list so your seat will be given to the next on that list.

For our meeting this month, on Friday July 31st, we are looking for an amazing turnout from all of you so that we can springboard our businesses into the fall and reconnect virtually. Yes, many of us have Zoom fatigue, however I also know that “out of sight out of mind” applies to your business as well. Besides Shonna is going to be your presenter with “There are Three Es in Marketing”… providing you with great information for marketing in our current social distancing situation as well as helping you to prepare for Post-COVID marketing, which we need to be doing right now because there WILL be a Post-COVID….Click here to register. It’s only $7 and space is limited to make the experience more meaningful for every gal. Plus, remember that you will save 30% if you register by the Friday before the meeting… in this case, the 24th.

We have some amazing new offerings and enhancements that we are doing to improve our organization during this time. In the next few days , we will be introducing and launching “Shop GOG”, an online and email platform to keep you informed of sales, specials, events, new products, new service offerings, and so forth from your sister GOGs so that we can continue to support one another with direct business and referrals on a more consistent basis…
watch your email early next week to learn more and get in on the action!

We are also refreshing our brand with a new logo and updated website and introducing brand new GOG gear, as well as doing a liquidation on current inventory. You will even have the opportunity to weigh in on options… it’s always fun to be a part of something fresh and new.

Again, please register now for the July online meeting and the GOG Gala as soon as possible.

Please everyone continue to stay safe and healthy and I will see you online on the 31st!