Tabletop Marketing Opportunity at Networking Meeting

Monthly MarketPlace tables are set up in addition to and separate from the single “Everybody Networks” Display Table.

The Monthly MarketPlace is limited to 2-3 businesses per meeting, so you will have more room to do a meaningful display and make it a “must see” for all who attend.

We encourage interactive displays, special coupons, and small give-aways. Exhibitors may sell products from the table as long as they can handle the funds themselves.

Doing a drawing to collect business cards from those who visit your table is a great way to add to your database and do follow-up! Plus, at the outset of the meeting, our marketplace gals have 30 seconds in the front to say who they are and do their drawing!

GOG-Icon-BuyMarketplace, $25 + Meeting registration
Amazing Opportunities like this are snatched up quickly!
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