Speaking, Educate, Empower, EntertainThe mission of our presenters is to share something they are passionate about….to Educate, Entertain, and Empower us to achieve higher results in our personal and business lives!  The purpose of this platform is NOT to promote your business, although that may be a byproduct of sharing your expertise in a given area. You’ll have 15 minutes for your presentation.

As the presenter, you can do a handout if you’d like that can be passed out when the time comes for you to present. (The Sponsor is the only gal permitted to put marketing materials at the place settings. Read more about the Sponsor Spotlight.)

There is so much talent within the GOGs, that we only offer speaking opportunities to gals who have attended a meeting, so please register to get the “GOG Experience” and to be eligible to present.

There is no fee to be a presenter, however, you must register for the meeting like all attendees.

If you would like to be a presenter at a GOG meeting, please complete the online form and we will be in touch.