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GOG-Icon-MeetingsThe “Together We’re Better!” Award Winner is a “people’s choice award” with votes cast for the gal who, whether supporting others through referrals given, business done, a kindness shown or words of encouragement, has touched lives, proving that “Together We ARE Better!”

VOTING FOR 2016 WILL BE OPEN FOR JUST ONE WEEK FROM 11/04/16 through 11/11/16… vote as many times as you’d like as often as you’d like for as many nominees as you’d like… one at a time.

YOUR 2016 NOMINEES! (listed alphabetically by first name)
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Janina-AwardPreferred meeting location(s):
San DiegoAfter spending more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry learning systems and processes that spanned across departments, quickly understanding the details and the end goal, discovering the fine line between efficiency and redundancy and then creating and training end users and outsourced support teams, Janina decided to take her talents outside the corporate world to work with women entrepreneurs who want to make more of an impact with their business mission but feel like there’s no time to easily change or incorporate one more thing!
Kathy-AwardPreferred meeting location(s):
San Diego and San MarcosAfter 5-years running my own website design business I recently decided to change direction. While I enjoyed helping women business owners create their websites, some of the passion for that had left me. I was thrilled when I met my Nikki Afetian just as I was wondering, “What’s Next?” She said “I help women ditch their bras” and I said, “sign me up!” I am inspired by people doing good things for others and by women who have overcome obstacles to live their dreams. As a member of Soroptimist , I am passionate about the women whose lives we improve through programs leading to social and economic empowerment and feel that being able to offer the Ruby Ribbon opportunity to women I meet I can also help them live their dreams.
Preferred meeting location(s):
San Diego and San MarcosKelly Snook was born and raised in Ohio and is proud to call herself a Buckeye!  She has always loved to read, make friends, journal, and play games. Some of her background includes raising 3 children, Sarah, Eric and Drew.  She discovered she is a sales guru, and became a top representative of the company and the sales trainer. During that time she met Ellyn, her partner and love of her life.  They decided that they wanted to move from Ohio, and come to California to enjoy the sunshine and ocean. They also decided that they wanted to invest in the new community of which they were excited to be a part and so La Costa Neighbors was born.
Laurel-AwardPreferred meeting location(s):
San Marcos and CarlsbadCombined with a fun curiosity for knowledge, deep compassion & understanding of people, enthusiasm & excitement for life, a wild gypsy spirit, and a positive attitude, I am passionate about helping others any way I can.  My company allows me to do this in a VERY big way.  I am inspired and motivated by everyone I meet.  I want to help people be amazing, because they are!
Laurie-AwardPreferred meeting location(s):
San Marcos (and Carlsbad)I will start by saying that this is not what I thought I’d be doing at this point in my life, but things rarely turn out the way we plan.  I’m a Clean Living Consultant and educate others about how to live a cleaner life and get the toxins out of their home.   I market for the largest online wellness store in North America, and I LOVE my job!  After losing my husband to cancer almost 15 years ago, I’ve been able to turn my pain into my passion and I feel truly blessed.  I have two amazing children, Adam and Markay, who light up my world every day. I also have an amazing boyfriend, Ken, who supports me in every way.  I love to play tennis, travel, sail and go wine tasting.  Most importantly, I love to spend time with my family and friends, especially my GOGs!
Lisa-AwardPreferred meeting location(s):
CarlsbadLisa has been a GOG for over 3 years and loves Connecting Women, for the betterment of themselves and community.  She has been in the business of dressing women for over 20 years and LOVES helping women feel and look their best.  She is a Leader with cabi Clothing, changing the way Women Shop and Work.
Mandy-AwardPreferred meeting location(s):
San Marcos and CarlsbadDJ MandyMixes has been a lover of music since she first stepped on the dance floor at the age of 3 at her Uncle’s wedding and threw a fit when the DJ had to leave at the end of the night. She was in show choir (the GLEE of her day) in all 4 years of high school and has informally been the DJ and/or Emcee at many family and friend’s parties almost her whole life. She spent 10 years in the event planning industry before coming a DJ and her event planning experience gives her the ability to understand the details and importance of keeping the flow of your event moving while keeping the mood lively.
Sharon-AwardPreferred meeting location(s):
CarlsbadI have  a private practice doing Bowenwork and I’m passionate about helping people live pain free. I am a mother, grandmother, wife and pet mom of Abby and Cooper.

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