Awards Reception

Each year, we honor outstanding women who have modeled and embraced the power of women helping women to be successful.

The awards reception is part of our annual holiday luncheon that was held Friday, December 14, 2018 at the Green Dragon Tavern and Museum.

All locations came together for one great holiday celebration during which we presented awards in 7 categories:
The “There’s a GOG for That!” Award, Leader Gal of the Year, Hospitality Gal of the Year, Referral Gal of the Year, Raving Fan of the Year, The NEW! Rising Star of the Year Award and The “Together We’re Better” Award Winner of the Year!

(L to R): “Leader Gal of the Year” – Stacey Hoy; “Hospitality Gal of the Year” – Julie Hiltsley; “Referral Gal of the Year” – Elana Karoly; “Raving Fan of the Year” – Marilyn Salerno; “Rising Star of the Year” – Dawn Norby; The “There’s a GOG for That” Award Winner – Robyn Carlson; and The “Together We’re Better” People’s Choice Award Winner – Marty Petersen

A big THANK YOU to GOG Marcy Browe
of Marcy Browe Photography for the pics of the 2018 event!

The “There’s a GOG for That!” Award  was created in 2015 based on a tagline our gal Barbara Schultz coined in January 2015 to encourage GOGs to look within the group first when a product or service is needed for direct business or for a referral.
Past award recipients:
2015 – Barbara J. Schultz; 2016 – Laurie Hopps; 2017 – Lynette James; 2018 – Robyn Carlson

Leader Gal of the Year is awarded to one of our meeting leaders for her enthusiasm and charisma, her willingness to mentor others, for providing valuable input to enhance the Good Ol’ Gal experience and leading with polish and poise!
Past award recipients:
2010 – Dr. Jennifer Gunsaullus; 2011 – Mara Hoover; 2012 – Natalie Stillman; 2013 – Barbara Amador; 2014- Linda Nickey; 2015 – Julie Hervert; 2016 – Nikkie Achartz; 2017 – Patti Phillips; 2018 – Stacey Hoy

Hospitality Gal of the Year is awarded to a gal for her unfailing generosity with her time and talents, her willingness to help in whatever capacity needed and her hospitality and friendship towards all Good Ol’ Gals!
Past award recipients:
2009 – Cindy Komlenic; 2010 – Diana Hanes; 2011 – Stacey Thompson; 2012 – Diana Weidenhoeft; 2013 – Robyn Bouett; 2014 – Maggie Mudd; 2015 – Lucy Kelleher; 2016 – Laurel Roma; 2017 – Jan Naylor-Smith; 2018 – Julie Hiltsley

Referral Gal of the Year is awarded to a gal for her encouragement and enthusiasm in introducing others to Good Ol’ Gals and helping to empower women to greater success in their business through participation in Good Ol’ Gals Business Connections!
Past award recipients:
2009 – Michelle Johnston; 2010 – Erne’ Orin; 2011 – Caryn Leventhal; 2012 – Mara Hoover; 2013 – Leslie Fishlock; 2014 – Lisa O’Hearn and Lucy Kelleher (tie); 2015 – Nikkie Achartz; 2016 – Lucy Kelleher; 2017 – April Jack; 2018 – Elana Karoly

Raving Fan of the Year is awarded to a gal for her amazing and loyal support by sponsoring and attending multiple meetings, participating in GOGs events, lending a helping hand when needed, speaking on topics that educate and empower, and for sharing the Power of Women Helping Women!
Past award recipients:
2009 – Natalie Ibarra; 2010 – Candace Pittenger; 2011 – Barbara Amador; 2012 – Monique Gallagher; 2013 – Julie Hervert; 2014 – Patti Phillips; 2015 – Elana Karoly; 2016 – Stacey Hoy; 2017 – Heather Kelly; 2018 – Marilyn Salerno

The NEW! Rising Star Award was created in 2016 because we’ve seen gals “storm on the scene” at GOGs and embrace all that GOGs is… women helping women to be successful! And though these “rising stars” have only been with us a few month (or less than a year), they made their mark on GOGs and we feel like we’ve known them forever 🙂
Past award recipients:
2016 – Kelly Snook; 2017 – Amanda Gerard; 2018 – Dawn Norby

The “Together We’re Better!” Award  is a “people’s choice award” with votes cast for the gal who, whether supporting others through referrals given, business done, a kindness shown or words of encouragement, has touched lives, proving that “Together We ARE Better!”
Past award recipients:
2010 – (tie) Mara Hoover / Caryn Leventhal; 2011 – Sarah Hope; 2012 – Cassie Carter; 2013 – A TIE! Deanna Potter and Gina Morell; 2014 – Stefanie Blue; 2015 – Kathy Siemion; 2016 – Mandy Rodriguez; 2017 – Peggy Jucha; 2018 – Marty Petersen


And here are some videos from 2016!

2016 There’s a GOG for That Award – Laurie Hopps…

2016 Leader Gal of the Year – Nikkie Achartz…
NOTE: Nikkie was videoing, so, yea… 🙂

2016 Hospitality Gal of the Year – Laurel Roma…

2016 Referral Gal of the Year – Lucy Kelleher…

2016 Raving Fan of the Year – Stacey Hoy…

The NEW! Rising Star Award for 2016 – Kelly Snook…

The 2016 “Together We’re Better” Award Winner – Mandy Rodriguez
(This is a good one… because she was DJ and was helping to choose the award songs, we told her the winner was someone else!)